Frequently Asked Questions

What will the size of the camp be?

We will cap it at 45 people. 

Where will No Boundaries 2019 be camping?

We have applied to be a theme camp this year and if accepted, the placement of our camp will be determined by the Burning Man organization.

What are the dues for this year?

The dues for this year range from $650 (Early Bird) to $850 (Late Dues).  

What new things will we have this year?

Now that we have gotten the infrastructure down, our focus this year is on the camp theme and interactivity offerings that we will bring to the larger burning man community.

  • New shaded lounge spaces with green tropical vibes.
  • A welcoming main area for gatherings and activities including LARP, talks, games, and music.
  • A larger kitchen and dining area to host the Murder Mystery Dinner.
  • More bike racks to support visitors to camp.

What do the dues go towards?

Camp infrastructure, including:

  • Communal Shade
  • Full Kitchen
  • Generators and Fuel. We will have a full power grid, including a 120v power to each tent.
  • Use of showers.
  • Transportation of this infrastructure from Reno to the Burn and back. This includes the cost of truck rental, fuel, insurance, vehicle pass, and truck wash.
  • 12 gallons of water per person. This is the Burning Man recommended minimum. We recommend bringing more if you want to take long showers, drink a lot of water, boil lots of pasta, etc.
  • You are welcome to use the space in the truck to transport your gear to the burn from Reno.
  • Storage charges for camp infrastructure during the other 51 weeks.

What will the camp NOT provide:

  • Anything not listed above, including:
  • Your own shelter/tent.
  • Bike.

What are the work/volunteer commitments for this camp?

Everyone is expected to help out with the various camp roles to help create a high quality and fun experience for the whole camp. You will be able to sign up for roles within different camp teams. Individual contribution will be tracked by a point system.

What do I need to know about the electricity?

The camp will be powered by two 2000 watt generators. They will work in parallel providing 3000 watts of power unless (until) one fails. We will have a power grid to run power to every area of the camp.  

You can generally plug in anything you would normally use at home. The only things prohibited are things that use resistive heating, including:

  • hair straighteners
  • blow dryers
  • electric heaters
  • toaster ovens
  • anything that turns electricity into heat.

These items are banned because the electricity required to use them can overload the generators, causing the generators to fail.

You are responsible for bringing your own extension cord to our camp in order to utilize the power grid. The generators are centralized by the trucks to reduce noise pollution to the camp, and you should expect to need at least a 50 feet extension cord to reach your tent. To be safe, I definitely recommend bringing two (2) 50 feet cords. Even if you don’t need it, many things tend to break during the week of the burn, so it never hurts to have backups if having electricity in your tent is important to you.

What do I need to know about the kitchen and food?

We will provide a kitchen tent equipped with:

  • A full BBQ grill
  • A large griddle, and stove top
  • Sous Vide Machine
  • 3 stove burners (the type used for Korean BBQs)
  • Freezer
  • Refrigerator
  • Racks to store your food

The food is generally good quality from Costco and Trader Joes.

What do I need to know about water?

The camp is providing 2.5 gallons of water per person per day.  

Last year, 2.18 gallons of water per person per day was used.

What do I need to know about the shower?

There will be two showers available. They are luxurious by playa standards, with 24/7 running hot water, solid walls, and a direct drain into the sewage tank.

What do I need to know about shade?

We will provide shade for communal areas as well as shade for the camping tent area.