No Boundaries is funded entirely by cost sharing. Pooling costs builds the foundation for having a great 8+ days in Blackrock City.

Highlighted Major Costs

Food: Through polling together costs we can buy food for the camp in bulk at a Costco and Restuarant Depot.

Drinking-Water: We partner with a service provider to deliver over 500+ gallons of water to the camp, so we don’t have to worry about running out of water.

Kitchen Infrastructure: Fridges, Freezes, Grills and other items to provide a surprisingly nice eating experience for being in the desert.

Shaded Camping: The camp has made an investment in acquiring materials to provide full shaded coverage over all of the campers’ tents.

Generators: Energy to power the camp and charge electric devices.

Showers: Materials to build a sturdy shower with running water (hot and cold).

Private Porta Potty: Getting a private porta potty was voted the most loved camp amenity. For good reasons.

Current Dues Period: Regular

Pending Applicants are anchored to the price of dues in the month of which they have applied and have a grace period of 4 days after approval(if approved) until the cost share amount becomes that of the current month’s amount.

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Low Income
  • A select number of Low-Income Dues available for 'Highly skilled talent' in financial need. Preference towards burner veterans and ticket holders.

We are looking into a payment plan for dues to ease the one-time payment cost burden on campers.

Refund Policy

  • Full Due refunds available up until July 10th.
  • Partial refunds starting from July 11th with a $125 fee due to fixed expenses.
  • No refunds are given after August 8th.
  • If the event is cancelled refunds will be given up to the amount of the budget unspent.

Refund Exception: If you refer someone to camp after your withdrawal and they are successfully approved to join the camp and pay dues, essentially filling your spot, you may receive a full refund if any deadlines.

Camp Budget Breakdown 2018


2019 Budget Projection

Logistics: 29.05 % -> 25%

Food& Water: 6.5 % -> 8%

Waste: 5.74 % -> 5%

Infrastructure: 39.41 % -> 35%

Power & Gas: 2.36 % -> 3%

Administration: 10.1 % -> 5%

Interactivity: 2.3 % -> 12%

Maintenance: 2.54 % -> 3%

Interior & Design: 2.01 % -> 3%

Camp Amenities

Meal Plan

A meal plan is included in your cost of dues that includes Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. “Provides” means we have the ingredients for meals at those periods and you can join as part of the Cooking team to help prepare meals.


Keep yourself clean in our newly built shower.  Enjoy the luxury of 24/7 running hot water in the middle of the playa.


Our camp will have electricity 24/7.   There is plenty of power for everyone, but leave the blow dryers and electric heaters at home, they tend to knock out the power system.


Prepare your playa delicacies in our fully equipped kitchen.  The kitchen will be equipped with stoves, grills, pots and pans, and a full set of kitchen utensils.   Common seasonings and oil will be provided as well.

Delivery & Transport

We will be offering transportation of gear to and from the playa from Las Vegas so you can travel light.  All items must be in 27 gallon bins, unless they don’t fit in one.



Private Porta Potty

The Burning Man Organization offers public porta potty’s that at times are usable, but other times are the triggers to nightmares. Camp No Boundaries offers the luxury of a private bathroom for the camp, to make your Burning Man experience a little less shitty.

Shade Structure

Cool off in our huge 900 square foot main shade area.  The main shade area is equipped with comfortable couches to lounge around on, tables to enjoy your playa delicacies, and sound system to play your music.


Store your burner gear in the shared storage unit the rest of the year.

  • Will bring gear back to playa next year
  • Keep the dust out of your apartment
  • You don’t have to lug dusty gear all the way back home

Family Sized

Camp No Boundaries maintains a small camp size that feels like a cohesive family and all campers are vetted to cultivate a positive group of people who aide in enhancing each others experience.