Delivery Status: OPEN

Camp No Boundaries provides a delivery & storage service to no boundaries camp members for your small and large items that would be difficult to transport on your own to Burning Man.


  • Fill out the form to join the delivery program.
  • An email will be sent to request a waiver form that you should sign to be a part of the program.
  • Once the form is signed an email will confirm your status in the program.
  • Submit the deposit amount linked in the confirmation form.

Important Dates

All shipments must be received by Friday, August 16th.
The truck containing inventory will arrive Thursday, August 22th during early arrival build week.


Delivery Cost
  • Cost per person to receive and process shipped items fitting into a large 27-gallon bin, including the cost of the bin itself.
Storage Cost
  • Part of the cost to store your items for 1 year and bring them to the playa in a future year.
Add-On: Extra Bin
  • Part of the cost to store an additional 27-Gallon Bin and deliver to the playa in a future year.
Add-On: Over-Sized Item
  • Oversized items that are larger than the bin and use up additional truck space.
Add-On: Bike Assembly
  • Cost to assembly bike and deliver on the playa.

Example Delivery

A common camp delivery from past campers looked like 2 Bin orders, 1 Tent order, 1 Bike order (excluding assembly). With current pricing that would be (85+100+45+20+20) = $270. The initial down-payment of $185 required upfront for base delivery and storage and the rest paid before or after event.


  • Safe transport of your personal equipment and reliable arrival as it comes in with the camp infrastructure.
  • Lower delivery costs by having items shipped closer to burning man and not pay twice for shipping to you and then using another service to ship it again and back.
  • Store your dirty and dusty items that you think you’ll be using outside of burning man, but probably won’t, in our camp storage container over the year so you don’t have to worry about getting your things to Burning Man the following year you decide to go.
  • Travel light so that the medium-sized luggage you bring mostly contains all the exciting costumes you’ll be packing.