No Boundaries Camper Roles


Contribution is a vital part Burning Man and a vital part of our camp. To create a better experience is to have a better experience. This is not another Bonnaroo, Coachella, or EDC. Do not expect days of entertainment happen to you, but know that it will happen with you.

Every year, world class talent and creativity of artistic engineering gather on the playa, not as a showcase of the ability of the creators, but as a hope of improving someone else’s experience.

The magic of Burning Man is not that the art and the exhibitions are present, but that someone, somewhere, spent years of their life in order to inspire you and make you happy, for just a moment.

The magic of Burning Man is not that people from all walks of life are present, but that they are first to impart their hard-earned years of experience, wisdom, and wit, with no expectation.

The magic of Burning Man is that it is a place to participate, not attend.

It takes many, many hours of work to create a successful camp, and it cannot be accomplished without the support of everyone involved. In order to better your own experience, you must better everyone else’s experience.

As John F. Kennedy famously said,

“… ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

As a part of the application process, you will be able to select a build team and camp operation team to join.


Build Teams

  1. Early Arrival Team
    1. Selects camp site, land grabs
    2. Marks out key locations in camp
  2. Unload truck
    1. Everyone available.  Unloads contents of truck into marked areas
  3. Shade Structure
    1. 7 People
    2. Builds shade structure, sets up aluminet sidewalls
    3. Sets up furnishings in shade structure
    4. Sets up lighting and decorations
  4. Power
    1. 2-3 People
    2. Runs power lines to all sites throughout the camp
  5. Kitchen
    1. 8 people
    2. Setup kitchen structure
    3. Positions kitchen equipment
    4. Organizes kitchen and prepares it for use
  6. Workshop
    1. 5 People
    2. Setup Structure
    3. Please camp supplies and parts into camp once build is complete
  7. Shower
    1. 3 – 4 people
    2. TBD, still designing structure.  Will be led by Jesse since its experimental.

On Playa camp roles


Camp leadership team

Camp Lead: Juvoni B.

Camp Co-Organizers:

  • Lukasz S.
  • Dan C.
  • Kara J.
  • Andriy K.


  1. Cooking Team  (10people /rotating days)
    1. Prepares and serves meals for camp
    2. Procures food
    3. Maintains the cleanliness of the kitchen
    4. An ideal member of the cooking team is someone who looks forward to preparing amazing meals for all their friends around the holidays.
  2. Water Team  (3 people)
    1. Sets up and maintains water pumps
    2. Replenishes water when needed
    3. Inventories water to ensure camp water usage rate does not cause camp to run out of water early
    4. Water Team members should be strong and able to push around 500lb barrels of water.  They should be able to spot water usage trends and inform the camp if usage rates exceed available water.
  3. Power Team (3 people)
    1. Setup, maintain, and strike generators
    2. Refuels generators as necessary
    3. Setup, maintain and strike camp lighting
    4. An ideal member of the power team is someone who enjoyed doing things like changing the oil on their car.
  1. MOOP Team  ( 4 people)
    1. Ensures camp is moop free at all times.
    2. Communicates the importance of leaving no trace to the rest of the camp.
    3. Ideal member for MOOP team is someone who is OCD about the cleanliness of their house

Strike Teams (Breakdown)

Strike will begin on Sunday afternoon, and will continue until we shut the doors of the truck.

25 total people available

  1. Prep Team
    1. 3-4 people to prepare the trucks for loading
    2. Setup staging areas
    3. Set up bins for common items
  2. Shade
    1. 5 people
  3. Kitchen
    1. 6 people
  4. Workshop
    1. 4 people
  5. Power
    1. 2 people
  6. Water
    1. 2 people
  7. Shower
    1. 2 people
  8. Loading
    1. 4 people
    2. Loads items into truck as efficiently as possible
    3. Ideally strongest members of the camp
  9. MOOP
    1. All people in camp walk a line to pick up trash